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Ahmad Nadimi

Culture refers to the totality of human activities - individual and collective. The essence of culture is art, with music as one of its most universal manifestations. Music can have an immediate impact on our psyche that can stimulate goodness, compassion, and a sense of pure joy in each of us. The kind of inluence can be used as steps, for humanity to ascend to a level of balance, harmony and peace that is pure love.

The art and artist have a great role in inspiring the taking of these steps. From the ancients to now, timeless pieces have been left for us to challenge, to be inspired, to be changed. Pieces created by those who speak to the internal vastness of love, of the beaty of the heavens, of nature and of the eternal longing for human fulfillment.

I began my journey seeking truth and the highest purpose of life and living. Through childhood, adolescence, and over half a century, I passed through religions, ideologies, philosophied and politics. I nurtured my faith in the Divine with the cherished belief that we each and all sing an eternal song of peace.

This work is a retelling of an ancient story and a call to a future. It aims to express the relationship between human and nature, culture and its essence, creation and creator.

This composition, as a dialogue of four pieces, emerges as an offfering -- to the blossoming of love and the truth of humanity. Inspired by nature, longing, and divine love, each piece carries a unique expression of beauty, which can manifest as harmony within, and out in the universe. And so, this work is comprised of distinct moods that express the challenges that lay on the path to discovering peace.

Many people, inspired by the initial composition, brought their inspirations together in unleashing this work. I thank them all for their soulful input. It is my with that Suite for Peace continues on this path of inspiration with you.

Peace be with you -- Ahmad Nadimi

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Ahmad Nadimi - Suite For Peace - 2004Ahmad Nadimi - Suite For Peace CD

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The First Sense (Synthesizer) 4:46 Purchase Song For $.99 CAD Orchestral March Of Peace 1:05 Purchase Song For $.99 CAD Uniting With The Divine (Orchestral) 7:59 Purchase Song For $.99 CAD
Orchestral 2:38 Purchase Song For $.99 CAD Trumpeting In Peace 1:04 Purchase Song For $.99 CAD Prelude 1:55 Purchase Song For $.99 CAD
All Of Us (Awaiting Word) 3:50 Purchase Song For $.99 CAD Angelic Call Of Peace (Children Of The World) 4:02 Purchase Song For $.99 CAD Longing 8:17 Purchase Song For $.99 CAD
The Dream You Awaken To 0:50 Purchase Song For $.99 CAD Call Of Peace (Children's Choir) 0:56 Purchase Song For $.99 CAD Nature's Awakening (Synthesizer) The Inspired Reed 8:25 Purchase Song For $.99 CAD
May Peace Be (In Our Breathing) 4:03 Purchase Song For $.99 CAD Ethereal Journey (Synthesizer) 7:42 Purchase Song For $.99 CAD Dance Of Unity (Orchestral) Purchase Song For $.99 CAD

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