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Bryan Gorsira Bryan Gorsira has written songs for decades, and twelve of them from his recent and distant past comprise his latest effort, 'The Best Years'. The album ranges as greatly in style asit does in date-of-composition, including aspects of singer/songwriter sentimentality, backwoods zydeco, boogie woogie , and even a diversion into prog rock balladeering.

With a lyrical simplicity and sincerity reminiscent of Randy Travis Gorsia's mid-tempo tribute on the title track features sparse instrumentation accented nicely by violin and backing vocals. Among the various genres tapped into throughout the album, this track hints that Gorsira's later-in-life singer/songwriter explorations yield his best writing.

The Best years is an enjoyable listen, even with its significant style shifts and genre hops.

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Bryan Gorsira - The Best Years - 2008Bryan Gorsira - The Best Years CD
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