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Eric Roberts Eric Roberts' solo debut "In A Silent Place" is 13 instrumental tracks of pure escape music.  Warm, reflective solo and ensemble passages are blended with subtle jazz elements for music that gently flows like a cool Colordo stream. Joining Roberts on several sele tions are avant-garde cellist David Darling (formerly of the Grammy-winning Paul Winter Consort and a recording artist on the ECM, Hearts of Space and Relaxation labels), Robert Weinstein on guitar and Ed Contreras on percussion.

The music ranges from lyrical and melodic instrumentals to spontaneous collaborative and solo improvistions.  There are minimalistic tone poems, moody soundscapes, lighthearted and breezy romps, and thought-provoking aural exporations...enought diversity to please even the most discerning guitar fan; but, amazingly, the entire CD hangs together well, with one piece smoothly flowing to the next, from first note to last.

The title track, "In a Silent Place", and "Cella's Song", gently meander from one's speakers like autumn breezes trough Colorado's golden aspen trees.  Carrying more than a hint of jazz, "journey Through Time" and "Remembering You" would fit snugly into any ECM-phile's music library.  The series "Reflections I-II-III" are slightly more melodic than ambient tone poems, but their sparseness reveals the suppleness of Roberts' craft.  Altogether, this is a graceful set punctuated by Darling's dliciously moody cello musings, Weinstein's mellow guitar phrasings , and the perky - but never overpowering - percussion of Contreras.

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Eric Roberts - In A Silent Place - 2005Eric Roberts - In A Silent Place CD

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In A Silent Place (5:10) Purchase Song For $.99 CAD Flowing (4:12) Purchase Song For $.99 CAD A Stringy Dialogue (5:03) Purchase Song For $.99 CAD
New Love (3:40) Purchase Song For $.99 CAD Journey Through Time (3:58) Purchase Song For $.99 CAD Lullaby (4:35) Purchase Song For $.99 CAD
Remembering You (3:40) Purchase Song For $.99 CAD Cella's Song (5:00) Purchase Song For $.99 CAD    
The River Runs (4:13) Purchase Song For $.99 CAD Reflections I (4:45) Purchase Song For $.99 CAD    
Snow (3:57) Purchase Song For $.99 CAD Reflections II (3:38) Purchase Song For $.99 CAD    

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