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Fat, Happy and Blue On April 23, 2009 Fat, Happy and Blue completed the recording phase of their first album, Surreal Memphis Blue.

The new album is being promoted via the internet where it has been getting rave reviews. It is receiving airplay in Australia, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, the U.S. and of course, in Canada.

Fat, Happy and Blue is a songwriting coalition, based in Toronto, and comprised of Tony Laviola, Louise Peacock and Tony Quarrington. Each member brings their own special songwriting talent to the table.

Formed in early 2009, for the express purpose of compiling and arranging songs for their Blues album, “Surreal Memphis Blues".

The recently released recording “Surreal Memphis Blue”, was co-produced by Tony Quarrington and Tony Laviola, with production assistance from Louise Peacock. This album has the warm sound of a live recording and makes you feel as though you were in the room with the musicians. The 15 original compositions are fresh and original and showcase the combined writing skills of the band members. Louise Peacock originally wrote all the songs - lyrics and music. In 2007 she and Tony Laviola began to rework some of them. In 2009 they got together with veteran composer/arranger and multi instrumentalist, Tony Quarrington and they formed Fat, Happy and Blue.

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Fat, Happy and Blue - Surreal Memphis Blue- 2009Fat, Happy and Blue - Surreal Memphis Blue CD

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