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Garry Segal

After 20 years of successful recording and touring with his band Garry & the Moodswingers, bandleader Garry Segal set off on a solo career. Garry got back to basics with a guitar, his voice, harmonica, paper, pencil and the insights gained from many years on the road ...taking notes along the way.

"Taking Notes" is an eclectic mix of americana styles featuring Garrys sly & wry lyrics detailing his world of failed dreams, humor & hope. His soulful singing, acoustic guitar and harmonica are supported by the ToDyeFor Band, a collection of friends and great players Garry has worked with over the years. Featured on the CD is Jeff Pevar who recently worked with Phil Lesh, Crosby Stills & Nash, the late great Ray Charles, Marc Cohn and many more. Phil Rosenthal bluegrass master from the Seldom Scene was a neighbor of Garry's. They began playing & recording together over the past several years. The CD was recorded at Bar None Studio owned and operated by Collin Tilton who also lends his smokey sax to the mix and was the sax man on Van Morrisons Moondance album. Stacy Phillips brings his grammy winning Dobro style to a cut on the CD . Garry's longtime friends that have been on the road and in the studio with his various projects are the backbone...John Morello-Drums, John "Bubs" Brown-pedal steel, Peter Blossom-guitar, Joan Schroeder-harmony vocal, Steve Roane -bass & cello, John Kelly- Bass and Jordan Greco-keys all made contributions to Garry's original songs lifting them to new heights.

Tevor D. - Music Critic -

" Taking Notes bleeds Americana, with an intoxicating blend of uptempo blues and soulful bluegrass that would fit nicely in the juke box of any down n' out, PBR serving dive bar. The good ole' boy quality in Segal's sound is evocative of late Springsteen. But at times, his strong blues influence sends his vocals a little more along the lines of Van Morrison circa Astral Weeks. As a personal fan of whistling, I was especially pleased to hear the whistle intro/exit for "I Keep Drinkin" (probably the best candidate to be added into the aforementioned dive bar juke box). This nod to the drinkers is my favorite track on the album, and the combination of Segal's raw vocals, Steve Roane's heavy baseline, and Tilton's smooth sax, artistically portrays the melancholic world of well whiskey and a burdened heart. Segal's musicianship - especially the free-flowing harmonica work that would put a smile on the face of any Dylan fan."
Concert Calander

Gary Segal - Taking Notes - 2008Garry Segal - Taking Notes CD

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