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Hidden Disease

Bent Music is very proud to bring you HIDDEN DISEASE a solo project born in 2010. It started as a challenge for Damy Mojitodka to edit/create something totally different from death-metalcore played in his band Pulvis Et Umbra. The H.D. moniker was choosen to illustrate something that has touched all of us either personally or through someone we love at least one time in our lives, disease, and how hard it is to share our feelings about severe illness even with our closest friends and family. It is often written in our eyes, but few will notice as it's hidden, a "Hidden Disease".

If you love dance music and techno beats BPM Invasion is for you! Close your eyes and listen while Hidden Disease takes your imagination to the trendiest night club where the dance floor is packed and you can feel the thumping of the bass in your chest.

Now open your eyes and dance!!

Concert Calander

Hidden Disease - BPM Invasion - 2010Hidden Disease - BMP Disease CD

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