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Journeyman Journeyman is solo artist Nick Constant - a founding member of the European dance group 'axisgallery', but now working on material that reflects his life and who he is. He began workign on his first CD during his 2 year trip to South Africa and Oman. This journey is what lead to the creation of his new vision and the style of music that brought peace and joy to his life and others.

Journeyman's new single "Sands Of Time" from his debut CD "Echoes" truly reflects "the timeless nature and our own time which runs through the fingers like sand".

You can experience Journeyman's life's journey when you listen to his music. You become one with his music. The sounds are distinct and instinctual. The vocals are raw and of the people. The percussion is crisp and almost creates a frame around the entire CD. Let Journeyman take you along on his journey to distant and far off places.

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Journeyman - Echoes - 2009Journeyman - Echoes CD
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